Use Vocaya to interact with your favorite games.
Your orders come to life at the sound of your voice !

VOCAYA is a community voice recognition tool !

VOCAYA is a community voice recognition tool. The operating principle is to intercept voice orders to trigger a command, and thus interact with your software or games. It is also able to intercept keys from your devices such as keyboard, mouse, joystick and gamepad, and run macros on your computer. In the standard version, you have the ability to develop knowledge databases, while the premium version has an online backup feature, community sharing and automatic update.


One of the main assets of VOCAYA is the multi-profile management. You can use multiple profiles at the same time and enjoy each one . No need to choose! You can therefore dedicate a profile to the management of your ressources while another one will be dedicated to the dialogue with IA for the roleplay. Add to this a knowledge base that allows you to describe the statistics of your in-game equipment, and you'll be on top!


VOCAYA allows you to develop knowledge databases to enrich the vocabulary of the speech recognition engine, but also to diversify the answers to the same order. The concept of context will allow it to associate the correct answer with an identical order according to the subject under discussion.

2015's prototype which explain VOCAYA's operating mode (Star Citizen).


During the development, the idea of sharing has animated our work . VOCAYA allows you to choose the pack of your choice from those offered by the community. You can also build a pack by yourself for a game and share it freely. The packs are kept up to date automatically to spare you these spots without any added value!


It is the interaction in game and immersion through voice synthesis the interest of VOCAYA. You can focus on the action, while managing secondary actions to voice. VOCAYA will execute your orders which will complete the gameplay and open new horizons of possibilities. Take advantage of it to entrust to him the unpleasant spots and will accelerate the use of the menus!






Knowledges Databases




VOCAYA has a set of features. All of these features are the basic principle of the software, and when combined it offers you a rich array of possibilities. I invite you to discover the essence of VOCAYA.

Voice recognition

All you need to do is to pronounce sentences, keywords, or keyword combinations, and this will trigger the corresponding command. VOCAYA has 3 distinct modes to offer you the maximum opportunity : the normal mode allows VOCAYA to recognize the sentences you indicate, the free mode lets VOCAYA to trigger the commands from the association of key words, the dictation mode allows VOCAYA to restore in text form what you will dictate to it.

Vocal synthesis

VOCAYA can answer you thanks to the Windows speech synthesis. Thanks to a system that allows you to vary the verbosity, the answers are diversified . Those who prefer more natural voices will be able to use MP3 samples or synthesized voices for sale on the internet. The knowledge bases will allow you to diversify even more the answers for an increased immersion.

Media library

Control your Multimedia library with voice! VOCAYA has a scan functionality for your MP3 library and allows you to control your voice library from content MP3 tags.


VOCAYA allows you to configure an unlimited number of commands in a profile. Commands can be triggered by a voice command, or a device key. It is also possible to use VOCAYA from command line from another software . A system of colorful traces allows you to follow the execution of your orders, and allows you to carry out the debugging in case of difficulty. In the event of a technical error, errors are reported directly to the database so that the software can be maintained as efficiently as possible and ensure optimal operation.


VOCAYA is used to execute sequences of ordered actions when a command is triggered. You can store information, and thus adapt the behavior of your wizard in a conditional way. If you want to go even further, you can integrate your own developments in C # or C ++ through a PLUG-IN . Choose the action you want VOCAYA to execute among the following topics: modify intercetpion devices, simulate sending a key, use the contents of a pack (profiles and knowledge bases), use voice synthesis Or modify its verbosity, write colored traces for the debugging of your profile, use audio content, feed variables and use them to condition the behavior of your command, use plug-in, and various other ancillary functions.

Device interception

Vocaya is able to identify actions from your devices, keyboard, mouse, joystick or gamepad. You can assign a command to a button and thus trigger a series of actions. VOCAYA also allows to trigger a command from a key sequence or a combination. You can reassign the function of the buttons on your joystick or gamepad with your voice in-game . VOCAYA offers 3 test screens to test hardware configuration dedicated to the joystick, gamepad and keyboard / mouse.


You can combine VOCAYA with POWER GRID from ROCAT : configure a button on power grid, and let VOCAYA intercept the key to integrate the functioning of your template under POWER GRID to your profile under VOCAYA.


With the arrival of virtual reality such as OCCULUS RIFT and HTC VIVE, it will be difficult to use your keyboard / mouse without seeing them. Voice control is the perfect companion of VR for increased immersion and ease of complex operations.


VOCAYA uses GOOGLE DRIVE natively to share content useful to your profiles . Imagine a profile that executes an MP3 file. VOCAYA uses your account WITH YOUR AGREEMENT of course, and you always keep control of what you share. It is not, however, an obligation, but an option.

Use Vocaya to interact with your favorite games.
Your orders come to life at the sound of your voice !


Download VOCAYA for free. Trying is unlimited in time, you can create a profile of 20 commands. However, you do not have the ability to use knowledge databases. If you want to increase the number of orders and take advantage of all the features of VOCAYA, we suggest you to place your account in STANDARD or PREMIUM for a modest contribution to this project.

FREE Try VOCAYA for free.

  • profiles import/export not available.
  • creation of knowledge database not available.
  • 1 profile of 20 commands saved locally


  • Import/export profiles
  • Creation of knowledge databases.
  • Unlimited number of profiles saved locally
  • 1 profile saved online


  • Import/export profiles and community sharing
  • Creation of knowledge databases and community sharing
  • Unlimited number of profiles saved locally
  • Unlimited profiles saved online